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An automated, digitized, telemedical test system.

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Large Selection

Choose from 38 high-quality, neurocognitive test procedures that you want to perform with your test persons

International Comparison

Compare the results of your test persons directly with those of other patients or healthy test subjects

Digital Results

Save, Print or Share the achieved results directly with your colleagues

Test Procedures

The "Psimistri Digital Remote Global Test System" offers a variety of test procedures that you can perform with your test persons. In addition to the well-known and extensively tested procedures, all tests of the newly developed INCP (International Neurocognitive Profile) are available to you.

In order to perform a test procedure, purchase an annual license for said procedure in the Psimistri Shop. You have the option of choosing a recurring subscription where your licenses are automatically renewed.


Test Procedures

Beta VersionNEW

If you want to become part of the Psimistri Digital beta program, make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements for the hardware and then follow the Guide to install the beta version for your desired operating system.

Disclaimer: At the moment, the Psimistri Digital App is only available on iOS devices!

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